Listening Exercises

These exercises enable you to practise listening comprehension whenever you want throughout the day, via mobile phone,MP3 or computer.A variety of interesting dialogues and stories have been specially chosen to provide you with extra listening practice.

Vocabulary Repetitions

For good listening and pronunciation skills,download these files and listen to them on your mobile phone, MP3 player or computer, and try to repeat aloud the words that you hear.

Audio Stories

These specially selected short stories and dialogues will improve your ability to understand words and phrases used in daily life. Download these files and listen to them on your mobile phone,MP3 or computer and try to undertsand the words and structures used.

Exercises Listening While Reading

This section of the programme, containing audio stories supported by texts, is designed to enhance the perception of words and sentences .While listening,follow the on-screen text at the same time and see the structures and vocabulary at the same time as you listen.

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