Interactive Applications

The following applications, incorporating easily understandable graphics and comments, have been created so that you can improve your language awareness in different areas.Regular practice using these exercises will have a major impact on your language development and enable you to overcome any deficits in knowledge that you may have.

In addition,the scoring system enables you to see your progress from start to finish,and enables you to customise your own private study programme, tailoring it to your individual needs.


Learn about the structures on the interactive table. Follow and study the changes due to the situations with the help of moving structure.

The Most Commonly - Used 1000 English Words
(People who learn these words can speak English fluently.)

These are the high-frequency words most commonly encountered in daily life.By learning these words you will greatly speed up your progress in English. Select the Turkish equivalents of given words,and use a dictionary for unknown vocabulary.

Listening Activities

In this section of the programme,created with the aim of improving your listening skills,all you have to do is to select the sentences you hear from an on-screen list.

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