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Bank Street guarantees to teach English in the shortest time possible,regardless of where you are in the world.

The scientific definition of learning is – ‘the process of the relationship between the teacher and the student. ’ This short definition sheds light on a very simple point :

While for example,a maths teacher can teach the subject of trigonometry in 50 hours to a class of 40 people,he will not require 50 hours to teach the same lessons to a class containing only 4 people.The time required would drop to 20 hours,because the teacher has more time to allocate to each student individually,and has the opportunity to effectively deal with any parts that the students do not understand.

The same is true in English language teaching.A 12-level English programme which could be completed in 720 hours in a class consisting of 18 people,could easily be completed in 240 hours in a small class.

In order to allay any doubts about this,we guarantee that if we cannot teach you English in 240 hours,you have the right to repeat the same programme absolutely free of charge as many times as you wish.Bank Street guarantees to teach English in the shortest time possible wherever you are in the world with our successful and effective programme.

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