1 Level in 1 Month

At Bank Street we know that students’ reading, writing, listening, speaking and comprehension levels need to be coordinated. Students attend English Courses in order to be able to use English in their daily lives. Therefore, dividing English Language education into 12 or even 18 levels in a highly complex way is inappropriate with regards to international norms. In fact these divisions are created for commercial reasons only.

Furthermore,a student’s writing,speaking and grammar skills may vary greatly in a 12 level system.

Bank Street’s educational model ,implemented across the globe,aims to teach English in a fast,easy and uncomplicated way.

Bank Street’s educational programme is very simple,consisting of only five levels :

  1. A1 Elementary
  2. A2 Pre-Intermediate
  3. B1 Intermediate
  4. B2 Upper-Intermediate
  5. C Advanced

Bank Street understands that a student’s reading,writing,listening ,speaking and comprehension skills need to be coordinated and synchronized.No institution should divide English into 18 or 12 levels.

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